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Psychotherapy For Women’s Reproductive Health—Carla Contarino, Ph.D

101314-16Psychotherapy For Women’s Reproductive Health

Carla Contarino, Ph.D

I have a subspecialty practice at Lilac City Counseling. I provide evaluations and psychotherapy for women and their partners at times of reproductive adjustments and difficulties. My goals are to provide supportive psychotherapy to help women overcome their fears and anxiety during pregnancy and childbirth.  I work with women who have postpartum adjustment difficulties to help them successfully negotiate the postpartum period and the transition to the early parenting period. I also work with women to help them manage the psychological challenges of infertility and resolve traumatic birth experiences and the grief of pregnancy losses.

In my work with couples with infertility, I am often asked to conduct psychological evaluations for individuals undergoing various Assisted Reproductive Treatments. When individuals and couples are participating in In Vitro fertilization, oocyte donation, embryo donation, and/or gestational carrier procedures and their doctors request psychological evaluations, I conduct the clinical interviews and psychological assessments for the couple and donors. I will then provide written evaluations for the couples to give to their doctors. These evaluations are often a helpful time for couples to  be able to have support and guidance during the stress of their infertility/reproductive process.